How to Get Rid of Cigar Breath

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A Nasty Taste in Your Mouth

There are many reasons why your breath can become nasty. Whether your coffee breath is really just a late night dinner breath or there’s something more lurking in your mouth, it’s easy to get rid of it.

Step 1 – Rinse with Water

The first and simplest thing that you can do is rinse your mouth with water. To do this, fill a glass with water and swish it around in your mouth. Let it stand for a few seconds then spit the water out. When you spit, don’t wipe.

Step 2 – Brush

Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. You can apply a mouthwash after brushing to get rid of even more bad breath.

Step 3 – Chew on Something

If the issue is not in your mouth, try chewing on something. Chewing gum will freshen your mouth and wash away any lingering odor.

Step 4 – Use Some Spices

Cinnamon and garlic also work as mouth fresheners. Eating something baked with cinnamon will remove any unpleasant smells. You can chew on some garlic cloves for similar results.

Step 5 – Use Your Tongue Scraper

Get rid of excess bacteria on the tongue by scraping it with a tongue scraper.

Ditching the Bad Breath

There are many different causes of bad breathe, and they don’t only tarnish your pearly whites. Cigar smoke is just as bad. To really rid yourself of bad tobacco breath, you need to attack your mouth from various angles to make sure you are eliminating problems from every source.

Brush and Floss – Bad tobacco breath has a lot to do with the buildup of bacteria in your mouth. It is recommended that you brush and floss at least three times a day.

Hot Water Goblet – Boil water and get a glass goblet full. Once the water is cool enough to drink, rinse your mouth with the hot water. The bacteria in your mouth will die and prevent bad breath. Do this at least once every day.

Mouth Wash – Get a good mouthwash to wash and kill the bacteria in your mouth and in your gums. Use it at least once a day.

Gargle – Mix one and a half teaspoons of baking soda with warm/hot water. Gargle with the mixture for about thirty seconds. Then spit it out to keep your breathe fresh.

Mouthwash for Smokers

Using mouthwash is a common practice after smoking. You know you can’t brush your teeth or drink water, because both would turn your teeth green. To combat the smell of smoke, most people use mouthwash with an alcohol base. Many people request their dentist to prescribe Vantin for them.

The main reason people request Vantin is because it’s the only mouthwash advertised to eliminate the smell of tobacco. Many people use mouthwash with an alcohol base because the strong mouthwash can be used to get rid of the odour of smoking. The problem is that some brands of mouthwash contain chemicals that actually make the smell of tobacco worse.

Another issue with mouthwash is that it can be hard to rinse off your tongue, so you’re dealing with a fishy taste in your mouth. For this reason, salt can be added to the mouthwash. This will help clean the tongue and eliminate the fishy taste at the same time.

Cigar Quality

Different cigars have different effects on the breath. Some cigars, especially the higher-end ones that come from Cuba, are made from 100% long filler tobacco. The smoke from these types of cigars is much less smelly and does not affect the breath in as bad a way as cheaper cigars.

Cutter Quality Effects Breath Quality

While the type of cigar smoked can have a major effect on post-cigar breath, the cutter used to cut the cigar can have a major effect as well. The main thing to watch for here is to ensure that you are using a high quality guillotine cutter, not a cheap plastic dime store one. While a good guillotine cutter is somewhat of an investment, they last a lifetime and can give you a cleaner smoke and a better tasting cigar.

Wine Quality Effects Breath Quality

The final major factor to consider is the wine, specifically dessert wine, that you consume with your cigar. If you drink a dessert wine that is sweet, then you are more likely to have sweet-tasting post-cigar breath. Drink a dry wine with your cigar and you are likely to have drier post-cigar breath.

How You Smoke

If you are plagued by foul-smelling cigar breath long after you’ve finished smoking one, chances are you are smoking cigars incorrectly (or eating poorly when you are smoking them!).

Smoking cigars is not the same as smoking cigarettes. Cigar smoke is a different kind of smoke and requires a slightly different approach. For example if you smoke cigarettes, then you are used to drawing in a full breath before immediately letting the smoke out through your mouth. Cigarette smoke is very light and that is why you can breathe it out so quickly without choking. With lighter cigar smoke, you need to do something different to release it. When you’re smoking a cigar, you should be inhaling in a slow, controlled manner to get the maximum flavor. You should barely let the smoke out through your mouth; more of the rich flavor should be going directly into your lungs. The effects of releasing cigar smoke through your mouth are two-fold: first, the smoke is just too strong to just release through your mouth. You will taste the bitterness and it will linger in your mouth for a long time. Second, if your mouth is full of cigar smoke, your tongue is not available to refresh your breath (it’s likely too busy trying to remove the smoke taste from your tongue).

Freshen Up Your Breath Instantly

With These Simple Tips!

Cigars are fun and relaxing, but the smell can sometimes spill over into other areas of your life – especially your mouth. If it seems like you need to brush your teeth every time you have a cigar, then it’s time to use some of these tips to get rid of that cigar breath.

Brush your teeth and gums with a toothbrush and toothpaste before you smoke. If you brush after every smoke, or at least every other smoke, you’ll keep the bacteria in your mouth to a minimum. This will help minimize the bad breath.

Become a water smoker. If you’re only smoking cigars occasionally, this is a great long-term solution for getting rid of cigar breath. By inhaling water vapor, you’re purifying your lungs and keeping bad odors at bay.

If you don’t have a water smoker, consider using a mouth spray. It doesn’t matter if you use a mouth spray with no alcohol or one that’s got a little alcohol in it, either, as long as you’re rinsing out your mouth. Mouth sprays are easy to find and work within minutes.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your body and mouth feeling fresh is a simple feat. Most of the time, freshness comes from two things – washing your dishes and keeping up on your breath. Easy, right?