How To Store Cigars Without A Humidor?

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How to Keep #Cigars Fresh without a Cigar Humidor – a few short term methods

For cigar storage when you’re traveling, away for a few days.

Cigars can be stored in many ways and many locations. There are no hard and fast rules. Here are a few rules to make sure that your cigars remain fresh and in good condition.

Cigars are plants. They need the care of a plant. They need light, water and food. Give them air to breathe.

Don’t let cigars get anything to close to the head ‑ the band. The head is where the most evaporation takes place.

Under no circumstances should cigars be stored near light fixtures. They will dry out and become brittle when exposed to light.

Avoid the extremes. Don’t store them in a temperature-controlled vault and avoid high velocity air movement.

Beware of mold. It will ruin cigar enjoyments. Mold looks like soft spots on the cigar wrapper/cigar head. They may also be very noticeable on the wrapper. The problem is, you may not see it until you cut the cigar open.

Store your cigars in boxes. Avoid direct contact with any other objects. Keep the cigars in a dry place.

Best Cigar Protection Advice (we feel it is our duty to share best practice!)

Humidors are widely-used devices for storing cigars and protecting them against fluctuations in temperature and levels of humidity. They are usually made of wood, and are encased to keep out dust. Sometimes a hygrometer is included, allowing you to keep an eye on the humidity in your cigar storage.

The bad news: humidors can be quite expensive. You can pay quite a lot for one high-quality humidor. If you want to turn your collection of cigars into a bit of an investment, it’s worth considering using a humidor. The good news: if you can’t pull the trigger on the humidor just yet, there are plenty of ways to protect your cigars!

Firstly, it’s a good idea to keep your cigars in cellophane. A cellophane wrapper will protect the tobacco from drying out, without causing any damage to the wrapper. It’s not a long-term solution, but it’s better than nothing!