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How Far Down Should a Cigar be Smoked?

The answer may surprise you. So we want to help you understand why there is an ash line on your cigar, and how far to smoke down before you put that cigar out.

How to Remove Cigar Smell From Your Clothes

Cigars smell DEEPLY. Even if you smoke them in a covered area, they will leave a lingering smell on your clothes that lasts for days. Find out how to remove cigar smell from your clothes.

Unique Cigar Sizes and Shapes

There are hundreds of cigar sizes and shapes out there in the cigar world. Take a look at the most unconventional ones.

A Journey Through Cigar History

Ever wondered where cigars came from? And why they’re called cigars? Or why they come in different shapes? Or what a cigar band says about the cigar? We’re going to tell you.

Cigar Etiquette and Traditions

For all of you who want to look like a pro while enjoying a fine cigar – here is everything you need to know about cigar culture.

What is a Stogie?

A stogie is NOT a cigar! Here is a complete guide to using stogies correctly to ensure that the aromatherapy is floating around all corners of your home, office, gym or spa