What is a Stogie?

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What is it?

A stogie is nickname for a cigar. As with other nicknames for cigars, the stogie term became popular in the United States.

A stogie can produce a lot of smoke and is thicker than a cigarillo. This makes it ideal for cold weather, as the hotter smoke will warm the lungs of the smoker. The other benefit that a thicker smoke has is a longer lasting smoke.

Like a cigar, a stogie has a head and a foot. If this is your first stogie, you need to learn to put the lit end between your fingers and keep it there while you work your mouth around the head end. Keeping it in your mouth is optional. This will keep your fingers from burning and allow you to keep the foot of the cigar on the table if you are at a bar.

A stogie is generally longer than a cigarillo. The size of a stogie can vary from a little shorter than a regular cigar to as long as a small cigar or a cigarillos. The stogie originated in Cuba. A cigarillo, however, originated in Spain.

The origins of the stogie term are unknown. The word stogie is used since the 19th century. This word is a blend of the words cigar and stogie.

Where the Term Came From

The word stogie represents one of the many slang terms for cigars. There are no one facts about where the word came from, but many guess that it is a combination of the words stogies and cigars.

The word stogies is a slang term for cigars that has been around since the late 1800s. Although the word has been used throughout history, the first use was found in 1881.

The first use of stogies as a word was reported in an article from Gettysburg. The word stogies was defined as a cheap cigar. If you want to learn more about the origin of the word stogies, you can check out this article.

If you don’t know what a stogie is, here’s the definition.

A stogie is a cigar, typically a large, hand-rolled cigar, known for its long burning time, slow draw and mild aroma. Stogies are sold in bundles or by the single stick. The term was first used in the 1900s, but the origin is unclear.

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Final Thoughts

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